Lead Research Specialist

Part-time student job

At 70Ventures, we back the most promising B2B entrepreneurs. We help them to build and scale in-house specialized sales teams to fuel a predictable revenue engine!

Your primary objective will be to qualify companies according to the guidelines and find ideal contacts of people working in those companies. This involves using various tools, social networks and googling.

We are a fit if:

  • the internet is your best friend,

  • the idea of working in a startup excites you,

  • you have structured & performance-oriented mindset,

TIME REQUIRED: 20 hours with flexible office hours.

Weekend work and 100% remote work compatible.

We’re a performance-based organization and have only one religion – TARGET. 🎯


  • Support fast-growing B2B software companies with systemized potential clients research 🚀

  • Use the latest technology to find and enrich ideal contacts in North America, Europe, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific regions 🌎🌍🌏

  • Collaborate with colleagues on shared projects with group targets

  • Reach and exceed your weekly personal targets 🤜🤛


  • Competitive remuneration: 300 EUR net + bonus 💸

  • Go through certified training best practices 🤓

  • Flexible working hours with no fixed schedule (easy to manage with studies)

  • Unlimited coffee & snack supplies in the office

  • Work with the next big startup from the Baltics & Nordics 🙏

  • Join a community of personal & professional growth-oriented people. A training intensive culture that inspires you to learn, grow and lead by example 🏆

  • A possibility to be promoted to SDR


  1. What is the application process?​​​​
    The application process consists of three parts and takes around one week.
    1st - application by filling the online form here. If you pass, you will receive a call from us.
    2nd - online training with a questionnaire.
    3rd - a face-to-face meeting.

  2. Can I work from home and during the weekends?
    Yes. You are the master of your time. Just be on target.

  3. What will be my tasks? 
    You will have only one task - to qualify companies and find a defined number of contacts with details per week.

  4. I am not a student and have another job. Can I apply?
    From our experience, this combination rarely works. So, apply only if you are confident that you will be able to deliver quality results.

  5. Why are you constantly posting job ads about this position?
    Because we are constantly investing in startups and new vacancies are created. Some teams are growing too, that's why new positions are created. We are recruiting on a rolling basis, that's why there is no application deadline. The sooner you apply - the sooner you will get hired.

Arkliu str. 18C,

Vilnius, Lithuania.

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